Digital Designer

webdesign, campaign material, dtp, social media

At the moment I am working as a designer at Stern. I create and optimize webpages and I visualize different campaignings. I design landingpages, banners, ads and create content for social media.

Citytrip App

Human Research, Information architecture, UX & Appdesign

The citytrip app helps the user find the best places at the right moment. The user can explore the city by himself, through augmented reality the user can see what's nearby. With local tips and routes the citytripper not only sees the highlights of a city, but also discovers hidden treasures!

Visual Research
Editorial Design

(online) magazines & books

I love working in InDesign, it's probably my favorite Adobe program. Organizing information and combining fonts, colors and photographs. I also made a interactive online magazine, you can check it here.


Visual Campaign

We throw away so much food because we cook and prepare too much and we don't use it in time. Instead of throwing our food away we can share our meals with our neighboors. Not only will it save a family £60 a month, it also lowers your carbon footprint and cycling is healthy and fun. By sharing meals on your wheels people will get healthier and will fight food waste!

Sem: social emotional

Healthify my diet

Sem helps emotional eaters feed their feelings by what they desire most: social contact. Sem brings peers together and assists to anonymously discuss problems with each other. The user gains a listening ear, supportive advice and ultimately gains recognition by talking to other users.

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